Growing up I have always embraced the great outdoors, extreme sports and was lucky enough to hit the motocross track after school, snowboard in Northern Finland and ride Mountain bikes with some of the best pro's around today.

It's this passion that has led me to love taking photos of action, and lifestyle while also using those techniques to capture other genres such as portraiture, landscape and street photography.

As well as freelancing as a photographer/videographer and creative director I worked three years as a 360 Video Technician and Editing Assistant specialising in building custom 360 video rigs, and stitching the footage together for companies such as BBC, Lexus, Puma, Warner Bros, Balvenie Whisky and Boiler room.

For quotes, queries, Photo licensing, and any ideas you have please get in contact below, or use the details in the footer.

Declan Lepage Keefe

Surrey, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 07514 775138


declan@lepagephotography.com     Tel: +44 07514 775138

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